Phone: 416.523.3004

Phone: 416.523.3004

Let Stephen Financial
show you a better way to
reach your long-term
financial goals.

What We Do

We are an independent financial planning firm dedicated to helping people reach their long-term financial goals.

Our Approach

Our independence ensures that we bring you the best investment, insurance and other financial solutions available—not just those sponsored by a single company or provider. 

Working With Groups

We help companies design, implement and deliver state-of-the-art Group RRSP plans that employees will genuinely value. Whatever your business, we can assist you to provide your employees with a simple, yet effective Group RRSP solution.

We are an financial planning firm dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams.


Creating a well-thought out financial plan is the best gift you can give yourself


Help your employees face the new realities of retirement by working with professionals who specialize in retirement planning and advocacy


Tapping a wide range of providers, we build a first-class group benefits offering to attract and retain talent

About Stephen Financial

Our goal is to empower you to become a slow and steady saver over a long time horizon. And since most of us will live 20 to 30 years in retirement, it’s never too late to start!